"part of a campaign management system that's strategic and stress-free...no political consultants needed!"
Get your copy of the strategic blueprint that will help you launch your political campaign! 
Get Your Copy of the Strategic Blueprint That Will Help Launch Your Political Campaign! 
(all in one easy-to-access PDF)
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This FREE blueprint will help you launch your campaign - like a PRO!  
This FREE blueprint will help you launch your campaign - like a PRO!  
(No Political Consultants Needed...)
The Political Campaign Launch Blueprint is designed to “de-mystify” the campaign process for you…

…to give you a birds-eye view of your political campaign so you can see the big picture.  But the blueprint gives you enough details that it can be a helpful roadmap on your pathway to victory on Election Night.

Ideas, plans - even easy-to-understand blueprints are great, but they’re also a dime a dozen. The magic happens when you take this blueprint and build your campaign around the ideas contained in this blueprint.

I've used all these powerful campaign strategies, checklists and tactics in my own campaigns. Dig in and use them and they're guaranteed to work in your campaign as well.
Dan Tripp
Political Coach
About Your Coach
Dan Tripp is the founder of Voter Contact Solutions, Inc and since 2006 has managed political projects in 42 states including work on 5 presidential campaigns. 

In 1994, Dan won a seat in the South Carolina State Legislature (at the age of 24) and served until 2006.  After taking a break from elected office for 12 years, Dan was recently elected to Greenville County Council - the largest county in South Carolina.

The strategic framework presented in this blueprint has always worked for me and my clients... 
They are guaranteed to work in your campaign as well!
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